Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey

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Gourmet Wildflower Honey. For a great-tasting, easy-to-digest 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey try our Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey. Collected from wildflowers, this light, raw honey contains enzymes from the digestive tracts of bees collecting the nectar. When honey is heated and pasteurized during processing, these healthy enzymes are destroyed.  Processing honey by ultra-filtration also removes bits of bee pollen, a natural anti inflammatory, which all honey products should contain.  Without pollen, it is impossible to authenticate where the honey was produced or if the honey was contaminated by pesticide residue.

Besides the lack of pollen, some beekeepers feed their bees sugar or pollen substitutes.   There is no substitute for the variety of flower pollen and nectar collected by bees.  Whether from fields of buckwheat, alfalfa, manuka or wildflowers, the taste, texture and scent of the final honey product depends on plants, not sugar or pollen substitutes.  By letting bees feed as nature intended, they produce the great-tasting honey known by past generations.

The bottom line is that fake honey products have a long shelf life, but no health benefits.  Some are even adulterated with cheaper corn, beet or cane sugars. Only pure, unprocessed honey with all the enzymes and pollen intact can deliver the benefits of real honey.  

As with all NutraBee pure gourmet honey products, our Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey is 100% pure, unprocessed and Canadian.  We know you will enjoy Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey, our gourmet honey for everyday use.  

Mountain Gold Wildflower Honey Product Information

Available in 330 g / 7.8 fluid oz bottle. Serving size, 1 teaspoon (10 g). Servings per regular bottle, 33.

Organic & Raw Ingredients That Work

Our products are made with organic and raw Canadian bee products such as Royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey then blended with USDA and OPCC/Pro Cert Canada certified organic herbs for the highest quality products for the whole family.

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